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Five Benefits of Vegetable Gardening

If you have been considering gardening, here are a couple of reasons why you should start getting your hands dirty.

Gardening is great for your mental health

Gardening has been reported as being beneficial for mental well-being since the early 2000's. Anyone could benefit from engaging with vegetable gardening to improve their mental health outcomes. In future gardening therapy should be encouraged for the general population along with those who have mental illnesses.

Vegetable gardens provide food security

Vegetable gardening has been incorporated in many schools and non-profit organisations with communal vegetable gardens in order to provide a consistent supply of nutrients in order to improve the food security of various populations across the region.

Gardening teaches you life lessons

Gardening teaches you a lot of important life lessons. In this day and age, we are used to receiving everything at the click of a button. The time frame between planting a seed and reaping its fruit can be anywhere between 4-8 weeks. Gardening teaches you that good things take time and reveals just how rewarding patience can be.

It also teaches you the unpredictable nature of life. Just as we experience sickness and health amongst other things, so does a garden. Thus, it teaches you how important it is to create sustainable and tangible solutions to any issues you may face and to accept the reality of certain outcomes which may be unfavourable.

Gardening saves money

With the current economy and climate changes influencing fruit and vegetable availability and affordability, creating your own vegetable garden can be a great way to save money. Seeds and seedlings are relatively inexpensive and with enough care, can continue to produce a consistent supply of nutrition for many seasons to come.

Final Thoughts on Gardening

Overall, gardening has a plethora of benefits which invest into your physical and mental health physically by providing a consistent access to essential nutrients whilst also nourishing your mental health.


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